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Confidential workplace contact tracer and social distancing reminder.

Protect your enterprise for about the cost of a cup of coffee a month per employee.

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How it Works

Contact Tracer

  • Every tag has a unique ID number. Employees & customers wear the tags which communicate to each other.
  • When a contact occurs the tag alerts you and accurately records the time, location and duration of the contact.
  • Using WiFi the tag reports the contacts to the dashboard
  • If an employee/customer tests positive COVID-19 it will be easy to trace his/her workplace or venue contacts and take appropriate measures while maintaining holistic operations.


  • TAG will beep, vibrate or blink when social distancing barriers are broken.
  • Distances, alert types, duration and interval of alerts are customizable.

Location Tracker

Gate Tag: for gates, corridors, passages, or Tag Area: for meeting rooms, reception areas, break rooms.

Dashboard reports location collated with time/date and btwTAG identification numbers.

  • Useful to trace possible contaminated surface areas.
  • Tag can be triggered to alert if too many btwTAGs are in an area.
  • Unsafe congestion zones and bottleneck areas can be identified.

Non-COVID Use Cases

Beyond Social Distancing and Contact Tracing the TAG is a powerful connected-badge enabling your workplace/school/venue to be smarter, safer and more efficient



Automate job clocking, location tracking, smart id/access control and reduces emergency reaction times.


Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Track all patient contacts with staff and visitors. Easily differentiate and locate staff, vendor, and visitors. Optimize outpatient and patient flow.


Office Campuses

Integrates with visitor sign-in/security. Smart access card to facility and services.


Cruise Lines/Hospitality

Waterproof room key and cashless payment voucher. Enables real time location-based services.



Smart Student/Staff ID card. Real time location tracking for emergencies (active shooter). Room access and cashless payment. Attendee tracking.

Product Variations

Card, Clip-on, Lanyard, or Wristband Wearable


btwTAG Starter Kit

Its Easy to Get Started - Just Plug n' Play

The Kit Includes:

  • Five btwTAGs w/ charging cables and chargers
  • Wi-Fi access point
  • 90-day Cloud dashboard subscription
  • 2 hours of remote technical support

Price: $698.00



Create a safer working environment while respecting employee privacy and the enterprise’s confidentiality during global pandemic.



Smaller than a standard ID badge, long battery life, easily rechargeable.
No need for user to install app on their phone – no smartphone required.


Safety first

Employees, customers, visitors and the public will feel and be safer, without Big Tech or Government privacy concerns.

Enterprise will demonstrate the importance of employee and customer safety to all constituencies, including employee base, government, regulators and the public.


Zero Infrastructure

Set up immediately - no need to establish complex new networks or set up extra access points in the enterprise’s built asset.

Tracing and contact capabilities require no Wi-Fi, just card-to-card contact – data is resident on the tag, communicated to database when back in Wi-Fi coverage.



Alert and distancing parameters are customizable. Simple, user-friendly and customizable dashboard interface.
Can be branded with your logo and colors.



The btwTAG system only manages impersonal identification codes. The codes’ association to the employee registry with the tag is managed by you according to your security and privacy policies.

Comparison Section

Privacy and Control

btwTAG and nanoTAG

Enterprise assures privacy - controls and safeguards employee data

Smart Phone Applications

Big Tech and/or Government controls data, subject to their policies and security

Enterprise Efficacy

btwTAG and nanoTAG

Enterprise contact tracing and social distancing reminder mitigates spread of virus

Smart Phone Applications

Macro use cases, limited usefulness to the Enterprise, employees and customers


btwTAG and nanoTAG

Task-dedicated RF antennae assure quick and accurate measurements

Smart Phone Applications

Bluetooth only - Highly inaccurate measurement, slow setup, interference from other applications


btwTAG and nanoTAG

Easy to check from Dashboard

Smart Phone Applications

No way to ensure or ENFORCE usage

Social Distancing

btwTAG and nanoTAG

Customizable Alerts and Distances
(key to mitigation)

Smart Phone Applications

Not used for social distancing


btwTAG and nanoTAG

Lanyard, wristband, belt, armband and pocket carry

Smart Phone Applications

Need a smartphone - phones prohibited on many job sites like assembly lines


btwTAG and nanoTAG

Alerts, distancing and reporting times are highly customizable, as is the enterprise dashboard

Smart Phone Applications


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do you need to recharge the btwTAG?

A: The recharge rate is dependent on how often the tag is programmed to communicate with the dashboard over Wi-Fi. If the tag is programmed to communicate with the dashboard just a few times each workday, then the tag’s charge will last approx. 5 days. If it is set to upload data frequently during the workday, the charge will last approx.3 days.

Q: Are chargers and micro USB cables included with each tag?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you have to wear the BTW Tag around your neck or pinned to your shirt?

A: No. In certain work environments like manufacturing and construction, the tag needs to be secured (i.e., in a pocket) for safety reasons. In these use cases, the tag’s Bluetooth and 915 MHz radios can be adjusted to assure accurate distance readings.

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