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Q: How often do you need to recharge the btwTAG?

A: The recharge rate is dependent on how often the tag is programmed to communicate with the dashboard over Wi-Fi. If the tag is programmed to communicate with the dashboard just a few times each workday, then the tag’s charge will last approx. 5 days. If it is set to upload data frequently during the workday, the charge will last approx.3 days.

Q: Are chargers and micro USB cables included with each tag?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you have to wear the BTW Tag around your neck or pinned to your shirt?

A: No. In certain work environments like manufacturing and construction, the tag needs to be secured (i.e., in a pocket) for safety reasons. In these use cases, the tag’s Bluetooth and 915 MHz radios can be adjusted to assure accurate distance readings.

Q: Does the BTW Tag work in areas not covered by the enterprise’s Wi-Fi?

A: Yes. The social distancing reminder function will continue to work between tags, and tags will continue to record contact data. The tag will communicate with the dashboard once it is back in enterprise Wi-Fi coverage.

Q: What information does the BTW tag record?

A: It records i) the badge ID number; ii) the IDs of the people who were within 6 feet of the badge; iii) the duration of the encounter; iv) the time of the encounter.

Q: Is the BTW Tag secure?

A: Yes, the tag communicates to the dashboard using the https protocol.

Q: How do I order BTW Tags for my company?

A: Please contact us to start your order.

Q: How is an employee’s privacy protected?

A: The BTW solution is an on-premise tracing and social distancing reminder product. It is not a tracking device. It does not trace an employee outside of the workplace. The enterprise dashboard only tracks tag ID number and not employees by name. The employee remains anonymous to the dashboard. The employee tag registry is separately maintained and secured by the enterprise.

Q: Does the BTW Tag work in areas not covered by the enterprise’s Wi-Fi or LoRa?

A: Yes. The social distancing reminder and the contact tracing functions will continue to work between tags. The tag will communicate with the dashboard once it is back in enterprise Wi-Fi or LoRa coverage.

Q: Can I use my own dashboard to manage the BTW Tags?

A: Yes. We support the Restful and MQTT APIs

Q: Can I change the social distancing range?

A: Yes. The distance is customizable.

Q: Why not just use one of the many smartphone tracing applications that are available?

A: Smartphone applications require a smartphone which may not be allowed in certain work environments. The smartphone app tracing databases are typically managed on the Cloud by a third-party, thus the enterprise and employee cannot ensure privacy, accountability and have no idea on how the data will be used or to whom it may be sold to in the future. Smartphone tracing applications are always on and monitoring employees in their private lives outside of the enterprise. Smartphone apps are Bluetooth only and are inaccurate. Many common apps are already loaded onto smartphones that use Bluetooth for various background processes. These apps compete with the Bluetooth signal demands of contact tracing apps. The resulting Bluetooth chaff impacts the function of contact tracing apps to sub-optimal levels.

Q: Why not use a Bluetooth only solution?

A: Bluetooth is less accurate, most notably when the device is used during large gatherings of people. Human bodies may act as barriers to accurate signal detection which can greatly influence the calculation of distances.

Q: What about using an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) solution?

A: The use of UWB is expensive. It involves the installation of many UWB anchors and a very demanding configuration proccess. The cost of UWB modules (tags) is high.

Q: Can a BTW Tag be customized?

A: Yes. Tags can be programmed to either beep, blink or vibrate when within six feet of another tag. The signal strength of tag can be adjusted for it to be carried in a back pocket as opposed to being worn around the neck.

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