Product Specifications


Specifications btwTAG

  • Size: 73mm x 45mm x 12mm (less than credit card)
  • Proximity RF: 915 MHz or 868 MHz
  • Contact Stored:10,000
  • Battery Life: 5 days
  • Charging: micro-USB
  • Operating temperature -10C/60C degrees Celsius
  • Dashboard Upload: Wi-Fi or 915MHz Gateway
  • Passive RFID: Optional
  • BLE Beacon: Optional (iBeacon)
  • Alerts: LED RGB, Vibration, Beep
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer: Yes
  • Water Resistance: IP-42
  • Customizable: Alerts, Distances, Groups, Contact Durations
  • # of Contacts Recorded per minute: 100+

Specifications nanoTAG

  • Size 30mm diameter x 10mm
  • Proximity Bluetooth 5.0
  • Contact Stored 1,000
  • Battery CR2032
  • Battery life 12-18 months
  • Dashboard Upload Bluetooth Gateway
  • Accelerometer Yes
  • Water Resistance IP-67
  • Weight 0.5 oz
  • LED Lights Red and Green

System configuration:

Tracing and distancing reminders are Tag to Tag - up to 10,000 contacts can be stored on a btwTAG. The bwTAG will periodically upload contacts to the dashboard using Wi-Fi.


Nano Gateway for nanoTag

  • RFF Sub-G - 802.15.4 at 915MHz or 868 MHz
  • Ethernet Poe - x2 - 802.3at
  • Sensors - Accelerometr, Temp., Humidity
  • Power - PoE/micro-USB
  • Communiccations Protocol - MQTT
  • Material - ABS Plastic
  • Dimensions 0 10cm x 13cm x 4cm

btwTAG Dashboard:

Easily Contact Trace on a Web Dashboard

  • View interaction and crowd statistics
  • Manage risk by optimizing business flows and processes
  • Secure the employees involved when the first symptoms appear

nanoTAG Dashboard:

  • Quickly trace contacts.
  • Optimized in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Hosted on AWS.
  • Private, secure dashboard.
  • Customization available.

Standard settings:

  • btwTAG sends a quick sound and vibration message as soon as it enters a 6-feet of another TAG, if desired
  • btwTAG sends a continuous sound and vibration message if contact duration is longer than 30 seconds
  • btwTAG sends a quick sequence of sound and/or vibration alerts when the battery charge is less than 10% - LED will flash following the sound alerts

Settings can be customized:

  • Can be tuned for pocket carry for use in manufacturing environments, etc.
  • Can be programmed to ignore another TAG, eg. a dorm roommate or a spouse’s TAG
  • Reusable, easy to use as a visitor or guest TAG

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